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Humeur actuelle: crushed

I'm sorry if this is completely off, but...
Rich went and picked out our dog without me.
I have not been so bummed in a long time.

Please tell me bad fiance stories or something to make me feel better.

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2005-06-08 19:37 (lien)
My finance is wonderful and I love him but he's really antisocial and stubborn about it - so we compromised his elopment wishes with my (and his mom's) wedding wishes and are having a wedding of only 30 close people ...

I want to have a party at home for our work people and friends who aren't invited - he said that's a great idea, do it, but he refuses to come to it! He wants me to have a wedding party without him in attendance, and doesn't get why that's a horrible, impossible, awful idea! Nor will he invite any of 'his' people to this party, no matter how low key and informal we make it!

It's making me CRAZY - my work people will expect to be invited to something, and they're going to be hurt and upset if they're not involved somehow in some kind of wedding thing (they are throwing me a shower) but how can I have a wedding party without my husband or any of his people there? ARGH.

I'm still working on it, but he refuses to budge!

I'm so jealous that you're getting a dog - i miss dogs. My guy brought two 10 year old cats into our relationship and now I have to try and like them but cats aren't exactly likeable... and they hate me. they claw me when he's not looking, and they are jealous little hairballs!


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2005-06-08 19:37 (lien)
He picked out your dog? You mean he just went out and got a dog without asking you about it first?


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2005-06-08 19:39 (lien)
He tells me every aspect of our wedding is expensive, when our budget is $10k. And he's not paying anything for it. (Although, his parents are chipping in a considerable sum, I'm still paying for the rest of it).

He also snores and drools on my pillow at night. Eww.


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2005-06-08 19:41 (lien)
He made me go pick out my replacement wedding band by myself, and couldn't understand why I was upset because I wanted him to come with me and have it be a joint effort.


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2005-06-08 19:42 (lien)
Bad fiance story - fun!

I'm very outgoing, social, love to talk, etc. FH is not. In fact, he kind of runs away from social situations - especially if I'm having a good time. I want to dance - he wants to leave.
I want to talk - he sits and is quiet.
I start laughing, or tell (what I think is) a funny story - he looks at me crazy.

Frustrating? Yes. Irritating? Yes. Do his good qualities make up for it? Absolutely!

I'm sorry your FH picked out your dog without you. I'm sure you'll love it - or you can pick out your 2nd dog!


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2005-06-08 19:42 (lien)
Mine never closes cabinet or closet doors. And he leaves his gross sweaty gym clothes on the bathroom floor, and I have to go touch them. And he works too much.


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2005-06-08 19:51 (lien)
FH didn't shave for our engagement photos.


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2005-06-08 19:52 (lien)
Ever see that Seinfeld episode where they talk about the PUH noise that some men make at night? Yeah, well, Heiner does that.
It drives me up the wall when I'm trying to sleep!


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2005-06-08 19:52 (lien)
he WHAT?!?!!?!!




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2005-06-08 19:55 (lien)
my fiance screams at the top of his lungs at the tv when the red sox or patriots are losing. one of our cats is terrified at him. he also won't help me pick out stuff for the wedding... "oh whatever you want is fine." he's also a crazy masshole driver.

but the good stuff more than makes up for it :)


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2005-06-08 20:05 (lien)
He got me sick and then left town for the week on business. So he's not even here to take care of his mess.



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2005-06-08 20:14 (lien)
that meanie!

my fiance never calls when he's running late! i'm always super worried that he got into an accident or something. but yesterday he actually called and left a message saying he was running late, and he hoped i'd "yell less" since he called, heh.


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2005-06-08 20:15 (lien)
He proposed to me at home in his underwear even though we had been at a swank restaurant two hours earlier.

He doesn't clean up the sink after he shaves, leaving little tiny hairs all over it.

He farts a lot (thankfully this is getting less often) and then either says "Oopsie" or blames the cats instead of just saying "excuse me". Geez.

Whenever he cooks, he uses like a million utensils, bowls, etc as well as leaves everything he used to make it sitting out until after we're done eating. We have a tiny kitchen with a countertop that is only about 1.5 feet wide, so space saving is a huge issue. He won't even throw away the macaroni box right away, while the trash can is one step away.

(That totally sucks about the dog. I'd be pissed too.)


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2005-06-08 20:17 (lien)
I've got a unique one involving...NEWSPAPERS!
He gets them, then they sit around for weeks. I can't throw them out/ recycle them because he might want to cut out an article for someone someday.
In our "office" there are literally enormous STACKS of newspaper clippings and I HATE THEM SO MUCH! I fear that I may break down and have a huge bonfire someday.
My FH= Packrat of the worst degree.
That said, I love him and he does cut out neat things for me from time to time.


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2005-06-08 20:18 (lien)
we are having way too much fun with this thread!


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2005-06-08 20:30 (lien)
I could have a ton of mini-rants, but I'll stick to a couple for now.... (But obviously, the sweet things he does cancels out all those poopy things)

If he calls my phone and I don't answer, he leaves me messages saying "We have cell phones for a REASON", all snotty-ass. But when I call him and he doesn't answer, his excuses are always "better" than mine, supposedly. Like "I left it in the truck", "The battery died", "I couldn't hear it",... the list goes on. It drives me nuts!!! Cripes, I have to leave my phone every once in awhile too!!!

Also, when we argue, he walks away from me, and wants the situation to NEVER be brought up again. If I do bring it up, he says things like "Why do you gotta bring up old shit?". Smart ass!


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2005-06-08 20:33 (lien)
Well me and my fiance are young and still live with our parents (that will change after the wedding).

And I haven't seen my fiance since Thursday and I have no idea where he is.

I'm guessing he went on vacation with his family since when I call the house no one answers, but it would be nice if he would have TOLD me.


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2005-06-08 20:45 (lien)
I need to know if all you other girls experience this.

When we are walking in the mall, he will walk behind me or stop and look at something. So there I am, talking to myself or some other random person next to me. Then if I complain about him doing this, he will literally walk RIGHT NEXT TO ME and playfully bump me into racks of clothing. Obviously, I do not take him shopping with me anymore lol.


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2005-06-08 21:26 (lien)
I live in NY, my fiance lives in CA (this is only for a couple more months - I'm graduating in August and will be moving).

On with the story...

What drives me nuts is when we're on the phone and I can hear him typing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He says he can do two things at once (listen to me and type).

I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does!


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2005-06-08 21:26 (lien)
I really can't vent here....
Last time we got into a small miff he said he was "Sorry". I was still pissed but said "okay. fine" and walked off. He then said "No I am sorrrryyyyy" and fell on the floor rolling back in forth then and crawled over to me. I then continued to walk away doing my best not to laugh. He followed me dragging his body across the floor and then down the stairs all saying "I am sorry". That is when I lost it and could not stop laughing. So..I don't get into real fights because he always gets me giggling and I forget what I was pissed about. Clever monkey......

But you all have made my day with your storys. And yes...that was a bad thing to get a dog without you. THough..if the dog pisses/shits anywhere you can day "Well..if you have waited for me to pick out the dog this would not have happened." :D


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2005-06-08 21:28 (lien)
#1) After I spend HOURS cleaning he will walk inside, not say a thing about how nice the house looks, take off his shirt, shoes & socks & throw them in the middle of the floor! AHHHH (btw I'm OCD, so this is like sticking a knife in my chest)

#2) He likes to pretend like hes drunk, when hes not, at bars & pool halls so he can hustle people out of their money. He embarrases the hell out of me sometimes!

#3) & the worst... he told me a week ago (our wedding is in 2 months) that he is rethinking having an outdoor wedding in August... Let's just say Bridezilla came out that day and wreaked havoc on him :)


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2005-06-08 22:35 (lien)
*cracks knuckles*

I actually don't have much dirt on my guy, and we never argue about anything, but there are some things he does that make me want to kick him in the butt!

First off, I notice that whenever we're talking to a particular group of people, he becomes Mr. Pottymouth. Swearing isn't a problem, but when it's FUCK FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK it kind of gets on my nerves! He also has a major interrupting problem, which he has "remedied" by saying "sorry for interrupting" which is often even more irritating because he knows he's doing it. Usually, I'm fine with it, because you know, people don't have turn-based conversations all the time. But sometimes it grates on my nerves like nothing else, especially since *I* have an attention problem so whenever he does interrupt me, I can't refocus on what I had just been saying!

Taking a step up from that: He's way too laid-back about this wedding. I am actually not the wedding type. I wanted just a legal marriage and then go home and resume daily life. But we had a talk and decided to alter my oh-so-romantic vision and have a wedding. but do you think he's doing anything? Nope! His part of the planning is "whichever one" or "whatever you like", not making a single decision. His excuse is that he doesn't know anything about weddings. But you know what? I didn't, either. I was not that little girl who dreamt of her wedding day. I got a guide, magazine, and went out and asked questions. I used the internet. I joined this community using our LJ, in hopes that he'd actually post. But nothing at all from him, oh no. I guess he must think I magically learned what goes into a wedding. ;) The WORST thing:

"Hm, I'm not sure if we should have a buffet dinner or one where you get served the food. Here is a very lengthy list of pros and cons I have to each."
"It'll work itself out in the end."
"Not if we just ignore the problem."
"I'm sure you'll figure it out later."

HOW will these things work themselves out? Will the food just magically show up in either buffet or server format??? It drives me up the wall, because sometimes it's VERY important matters and it just gives off the impression that he doesn't give a damn. Then I get pissed off and question why I'm going ahead with this wedding anyway. But I get over it fairly quickly! ;)

I think the most annoying thing about him is that he has a one track mind. I'm surprised that boy can walk and breathe at the same time. And he's a huge Red Sox fan. I become a widow every time the game's on. The thing is, when he's not listening to me, he doesn't tell me he isn't paying attention. When we first began dating, he was a huge dick about it. He'd be chatting online while I'd be on the phone with him, having conversations with myself. Talk about making a girl feel unimportant! We had a long talk about it, but he still does it to a smaller degree sometimes. We'll be talking and something will quickly catch his attention, so I'm tuned out for a few seconds. He zones back in and gets lost. It still gets frustrating when I start to say something and I notice that he's not even noticing that I'm speaking. I bet you anything that if I become pregnant and am going into labor while he is fixing the VCR, I'll have the baby right on the floor!! XD

Other than those little quirks, he's ideal, though. And I'm sure he'd have plenty to say about ME! I'm quite horrible!!


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2005-06-08 23:07 (lien)
I can't complain about my guy much. He's an absolute angel beyond the little things that most guys do, like forgetting to put away his dirty dishes. But the most obnoxious thing is HIS FREAKIN' EX-WIFE! I don't begrudge him the friendship with her at all, but that girl is one of the most neurotic people I've ever met! She's gotten better now, but she used to call two or three times a day with some stupid thing and he's always like, "Oh, I don't want to hurt her feelings." So we'd be having a romantic dinner or lying in bed together, and then he would take her call and listen to her whining and crying for an hour!

He hasn't worked up the nerve to tell her about our engagement because she's going to go ballistic. Good thing she doesn't live around here, or I'd be worried that my tires would get slashed or something.


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2005-06-08 23:10 (lien)
Oh that was bastardish of him, I sort of know how you feel.....right after my fiance and I moved in together we were REALLY short of money. Then the moment his scholarship money came home he went out WITHOUT discussing it with me and bought a $1500 labtop.....oh boy was I pissed. Not only did the omission of truth infuriate me because we talk about everything together, but I couldn't believe that he didn't even consider that this decision would impact us jointly since we were now living together (even though our finances were technically separate). I asked him why he didn't tell me and he said he was worried I would dissaprove, and that irritated me too because he's right- not because it was a bad purchase, per se, he had been needing a labtop for school and he had been researching them for months....but I still would have cautioned him that we really could have used that money. Regardless I still wanted my damn say in the matter!

Anyway it worked out because we were able to share the cpu and it came in amazingly handy, but now he consults with me extensively on any financial issues.

Usually he's a real sweetheart but there are a couple of things that drive me nuts:

1.He's a serious neat freak and I'm organized but a little messier- but he's always moving shit around that I'm using. Especially in the kitchen, I'll turn the oven on and pull out some food to cook, and then I look up at the tv or go to the bathroom and when I look back he's put all my food away and turned the oven off, it makes me insane.

2. He's a nose picker- he doesn't care and makes no move to conceal it. His thoughts on this, that's just the way it is and I don't care if other people don't like it, they can look away. Lol, although I've grown really accustomed to that behavior by now.


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(aucun sujet) - [info]helloassholes, 2005-06-09 00:08:32

2005-06-08 23:18 (lien)
LMAO at some of these posts!
1. He will eat and drink everything in my apartment, but NEVER put the dishes in the sink let alone the dishwasher...BOO.

2. He never puts caps back on the portable water bottles, pop, etc, so inevitably I will knock it over on accident spilling it everywhere, usally my vehicle.

3.NEVER makes plans, but gets upset when I don't let him know weeks in advance of my plans, times, etc, so he can 'plan' the night before. (I told him the night before I moved what time, he got upset bc I didn't tell him earlier, then never showed up to help)

4. NEVER PICKS UP HIS CELL PHONE. It's always on vibrate, so he can't 'hear' it.

5. Thinks the wedding will be planned in a day, and doesn't want to plan it now, which is a year out.


(aucun sujet) - [info]helloassholes, 2005-06-09 00:09:08
(aucun sujet) - [info]iamsuperkate, 2005-06-09 00:14:26

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