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Rollerblading Not Legal?
Inline skating is prohibited on sidewalks and roads in Ottawa? Since when??

I am really confused here.
I have not rollerbladed for a year now, due to a recurring tooth problem that skating affects. But in the past I rollerbladed often enough (a few times a week), and at least 4 of my friends rollerbladed on a regular basis as well. None of us ever got fined or even spoken to by the cops. So is this bylaw even enforced? Or is it just brand new?

How about skate boarding? Is that pretty much illegal too? Cause if not, that seems pretty unfair.

I am curious about this whole thing because someone asked abut the legality of longboarding in Victoria, BC on that comm, and it came up that it (and rollerblading) is only illegal in the downtown core, but that it's not exactly enforced.

Why is rollerblading illegal pretty much everywhere but paths here? And yet not wearing a helmet well bike riding is perfectly legal? It seems like the laws are a little bit backwards here.... I cringe every time I see someone without a helmet, and can't believe that it's not a law here... People still get hurt biking in my home town, despite wearing helmets, so I can't imagine what it's like here.

I'm so glad my tooth problem is preventing me from even considering going near my rollerblades, because otherwise I'd spend my time in fear of the bylaw officers getting me. I'm sorry, but sometimes I just wanted a quick 15 minute jaunt around my quiet neighbourhood streets. I'd go during the middle of the day when there was hardly anyone about to potentially annoy. I really wouldn't want to involve buses into the mix and extend my whole quick jaunt into an entire outing where I'd feel guilty if I didn't spend like an hour skating.

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Because rollerblades are fitness toys. You drive with your rollerblades to the park's parking lot, then you put them on and skate around the park paths, and then return to the parking lot and drive home.

It's different with skateboards, because clearly you can't go skateboarding on park paths even if you drove there with your skateboard. Skateboards are children's toys, not fitness toys, so they're just not intended for use after age 16 or so.

Anyhow, you've obviously confused rollerblades with a form of transportation. You can tell they're not transportation because they're not gas-powered.

(You're probably thinking "But bicycles are allowed on the road, and they're not gas-powered", but that's because the bicycle lobby was so powerful in the 1940s. It's not because bicycle aren't fitness toys -- that's why so many people attach their bicycles to their cars and drive into Gatineau Park for a bike ride, then drive home.)

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2008-09-15 07:32 pm (local) (link) Track This
I've taken to calling any car with exaggerated vrooming sounds, military styling or a rear spoiler (doubly so for pickup trucks with rear spoilers) a "toy car."

It's almost all toys on the roads, I guess.

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2008-09-15 11:18 pm (local) (link) Track This
Hahaha. That person needed that. Not all vehicles are gas powered and I hope soon that none of them will be.

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Your own icon is appropriate, but not as directed towards the OP.

It's people like you who will be clinging to their precious gasoline and dirtying the air for the sake of "convenience" and "comfortable familiarity", right up until the bitter end when gas is $5/L or something because there's none left and everyone has switched to electric already...

My actual point is not that every car-owner should drop everything and go buy a hybrid/electric, or start taking the bus, biking, whatever. But by basically insulting everyone who chooses an alternative form of transportation, you're just making yourself look immature and narrow-minded.

My $0.02.

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