(13:22:36) him: Hoot,
(13:28:29) me: hi
(13:29:49) him: Do you remember in the spring where I asked for a customer template for a cron job on the AMC for dist_ding?
(13:30:01) me: I don't, sorry
(13:30:01) him: do to daylight savings time
(13:30:10) me: custom template! yes vaguely
(13:30:16) me: I guess we don't want it anymore :)
(13:30:37) him: Ok, I think we have a custom template in the AMC for daylight savings time for a program called distDing
(13:30:49) me: Yeah, that does ring a bell. You lost me on "customer template" but I'm back now :)
(13:30:49) him: They are so Whiny about it
(13:30:59) him: sorry 'bout that
(13:31:30) him: Could you comment it out for me ( we will need it again in the spring)
(13:35:37) me: [root@ottamc02:]# grep dist /etc/crontab
27 12,17,19,22 * * 1,2,3,4,5 root /sbin/e-smith/cron-wrapper --master -- /sbin/e-smith/Broker/distDing
[root@ottamc02:]# /sbin/e-smith/expand-template /etc/crontab
[root@ottamc02:]# grep dist /etc/crontab
27 13,18,20,23 * * 1,2,3,4,5 root /sbin/e-smith/cron-wrapper --master -- /sbin/e-smith/Broker/distDing

(13:35:39) me: there
(13:36:55) him: perfect,
(13:36:57) him: thx
(13:47:24) him: I love those time, 4 times a day, just not equa-distant
(13:47:39) me: I was going to ask about that and decided I was happy not knowing.
(13:48:02) him: You asked in the spring as well :)
(13:48:10) him: and then regretted it
(13:48:17) me: I bet! :)
(13:48:59) him: The SAP bus (billing) runs 4 times per day, 8:00, 13:00,, 15:00 and 18:00 so we need to report what was on the bus after each run
(13:49:13) me: That doesn't answer the question, that just makes it a different question!
(13:49:22) me: Why doesn't the SAP bus run at regular intervals?
(13:49:47) him: Those times were picked when we needed to load involce paper into the 1 printer we had and someone had to get in to change it and then change it back
(13:49:56) me: This is sort of like touring the sausage factory.
(13:50:08) him: You have no idea