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  • Groceries in Toronto

    One great part about our neighbourhood here in Toronto is the number of grocery stores within walking distance. Within a couple of kilometers (a little over a mile) there’s five full-size supermarkets! We’ve had a chance to go to three of them so far and I’m excited about a fourth. View Larger Map Half a […]

  • SIP softphone?

    The Twitter lazyweb wasn’t enough for this one, so I’ll try here: I’ve got myself a SIP account with a Toronto DID, but the minutae of moving has prevented me from getting around to buying an ATA. But I’d like to, you know, answer the phone — can any of you recommend a decent free […]

  • Last night in Ottawa

    12 hours from now the movers arrive. 24 hours from now Candice and I live in Toronto. Packing’s done except for stuff that gets packed as we go to bed. The apartment’s cleaned except for vacuuming and mopping the floors, which we can’t do until the movers move all of our stuff. The movers show […]

  • It’s one of those news days today…

    It’s one of those news days today, as I found while catching up on Toronto news while in Ottawa: Health Officials Track Down All Puppies Sold At Flea Market After Rabies Scare “Police told the paper a man who posed as Dr. Jimmy Connolly was actually 50-year-old Gzim Bytyqi.” “A worker was cutting through propane […]

  • This is legal in Canada.

    This is legal in Canada, Originally uploaded by nyxie From a spice rack kit I bought years ago. Click for detail!

  • Creepy clown playing bass

    Creepy clown playing bass, originally uploaded by nyxie This was a gift from a girlfriend in high school. I’ve moved it from Belleville to Montreal (plus two moves there) to Ottawa (plus one move there) without unpacking it. It is gone now.

  • I just noticed that Candice set this as her…

    I just noticed that Candice set this as her FaceBook profile picture: I guess we’d better get this move over with quick before my wife becomes a pile of boxes like some modern wife of Lot.

  • Yesterday, Candice and I went to the Superstore to use their Coinstar…

    Yesterday, Candice and I went to the Superstore to use their Coinstar machine, working our way through the decade backlog of jars of change we’ve accumulated. On the way in, we passed a panhandler. Asking for spare change. While both of us had our arms filled with jars of change. And then the Coinstar machine […]