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RSS feed readers: Flickr, change

So I’ve finally got posting phone photos to Flickr working, and posting phone photos via Flickr to my blog working. That means that I can blog things that I see as they happen, instead of when I remember to get them off my phone! Which is good. But doing so reminded me that for ages […]


BE SAFE AND CONSIDERATE Originally uploaded by mendel Just testing flickr’s blog posting. please excuse.

100 random things about me

Ok, here’s another one I’ve put off and put off and can’t anymore: following Candice’s example here, here’s my list of 100 things about me. All factoidy and such, but here it is. I play the Irish flute and tinwhistle. My family is complicated: my father is in his third marriage, my mother is in a long-term relationship […]

Old Seamus Tansey video

While I’m up late watching YouTube, this recording of Seamus Tansey playing the Irish flute — presumably from the trad comeback in the 70s — is good flute playing, but watching the audience is completely hypnotizing. Also here’s some Irish pipes to round things off, probably from the same era. Seamus Ennis. Someday remind me […]

Chapman Stick etiquette

Tony Levin knows how to play the Chapman Stick: This is a good thing to do with a Stick. This is also a good thing to do with a Stick: However, for whatever reason, this is sort of the typical Stick player. Do not do. Thank you.