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Friday was my last day at Mitel.

As of Friday, I’m an unemployed bum! My last day at Mitel was short and sweet — I came in at 9, spent a couple of hours taking ssh keys out of root accounts and otherwise shutting off my access to standalone servers and anything else that would escape the standard departing-employee process, and then […]

old but still funny

Results 1 – 100 of about 1,580 for “large hardon collider”.

night rider

I bought a headlight for my bike a while ago, and lately I’ve been going out at dusk for a ride. One nice part about Ottawa on bicycle is that there is an excellent network of bike paths and bike lanes that can get you pretty much anywhere. And it’s been hot lately, with the […]

Credit card numbers on receipts

Canadian credit card providers require that merchants print only the last four digits of credit card numbers on receipts. Many merchants aren’t compliant, so keep an eye out. [via Rob]