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Summing up the first two weeks of school.

This has been a crazy, crazy two weeks, but the first intensive block of school is done, and on Tuesday the first regular semester begins. I’ve already completed two classes (save for a take-home exam and some longer-term assignments). Management Skills was 18h of class over the first four days covering the soft skills we’d […]

Open-source Zen

From the “Thanks” section of the White Wind Zen Centre’s newsletter: From Mishin tando, “Thank you to the Roshi for finding numerous Open Source Software resources so that Practice Council work can be done without resorting to being locked-in to proprietary software; [...]“ Good that the Roshi took care of that, but also good that […]

Hello, Marketing? MARKETING?

Hello, Marketing? MARKETING? [via mefi]

Oh, and

Also, about my earlier post about expected dress: I was the only one with a tie today but I didn’t feel out of place. A couple had sportcoats, lots of polos and chinos, some jeans. I don’t think I could do jeans to class regularly. I need more non-ugly, non-$300 dress shoes though. Ebay Allen-Edmonds, […]

I’ve got class.

I’m an MBA student! Today was Day One of our two-week orientation period, during which we also complete two classes intensively. Showed up at 8 for a half-hour welcome session, which actually meant “people will filter in between 8 and 8:30, when things actually begin”. (Specifically it did not mean “We’ll have coffee available”. I […]

I expect better from the CBC.

RCMP horses end 30 years of roaming on Parliament Hill Mounties on horseback have stopped clip-clopping about Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, quietly ending a 30-year-old Canadian tradition.[...] She added the decision was made after the RCMP’s musical ride staff realized that the public is not as accustomed to horses as it was three decades ago, when […]

dear japan, etc.

From Pizza Hut’s Japan menu. (Which also includes this tasty treat.)

School clothes

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while — I’ve been enjoying my unemployment! In school news, I now have a student line of credit for emergencies, and a new pair of pants. Trying to come up with a b-school wardrobe has been more work than I expected, half because of Ottawa’s dearth of menswear stores […]