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writes its own jokes

Writes its own jokes: Tiny brain no obstacle to French civil servant (via MH Today)

Bacon Krispy Kreme burger

Bacon Krispy Kreme burger Originally uploaded by satanslaundromat (Found via Valleywag.)

Everything should taste like bacon.

Everything should taste like bacon.

business cards

Going back to school means I need personal “business” cards. Much of b-school is networking, and if all goes well there will be a lot of people who wish to include me in their post-MBA business network. I considered getting 4-color cards from a template at VistaPrint or some other web-based inexpensive-cards factory, but I […]

mommy, why doesn’t that man blink

From rjbs: (Also note the story immediately following the highlighted one.)

That is not what you do at a White Stripes show

Ah, CBC: When Bluesfest kicked off at Lebreton Flats on July 4, organizers allocated space for people who brought their own chairs and wanted to stay seated. But on Sunday, during the White Stripes performance, the area was flooded with boogying fans, and organizers realized police would be needed to keep the area lawn-chairs-only throughout […]

Make my funk the P-Funk

Last night at Bluesfest: George Clinton! George and his P-Funk All-Stars put on a great show last night despite a smallish and subdued crowd, half of whom who have apparently never seen George Clinton! Judging by the people around us and the SMS messages on the big screen beside the stage, a significant minority of […]

Bluesfest so far: White Stripes and more

I saw a newspaper article yesterday — “Are the White Stripes bluesy enough to headline Bluesfest?” Someone must be colour blind! – Jack White, mid-set last night (photo by Sarah Naegels) Bluesfest is in full swing! I had been meaning to post every day about what we’ve seen, but things have just been too busy, […]