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The Golean Crunch motherlode

This one’s for Pam:

Cat update

Just realized I hadn’t posted an update on Mouseycat’s condition. We went back to the vet on Wednesday, and she’d gained over a pound of weight in a week, and her mouth was healing up fine. So she’s got another three weeks of antibiotics (two pills a day, sigh) and then another round of blood […]

Never mind.

Don’t feel old already? The baby on the cover of Nevermind is 17 now.

Sell me your laptop RAM

I need 512MB worth of PC133 RAM for a laptop. Any of you fine folk have a single 512MB SODIMM or a pair of 256MB SODIMMs you feel like getting rid of?

Catch-up post

Been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been pretty busy, so here’s a quick catch-up on what’s gone on in the last couple of weeks: Mouseycat might be sick. She had a very loose canine tooth removed the other day and we found she’d lost nearly a kilogram (nearly 2.2 lbs) since the last time […]

New laptop

The laptop fairy came last night! I’m now the proud owner of a refurbished Dell Latitude D410. I picked it up off of eBay from K-V Laptops in Toronto and they got it to me the next day. It looks brand-new save for a little scratch on the back of the lid. 1.89GHz Pentium M, […]


Murketing presents the International Review of Wine Packaging Aesthetics. I am a sucker for buying wine based on the packaging.

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