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LOLfeeds turns any RSS feed into cat macros. For example: yours truly, Ask Metafilter, or Craigslist personals.

Doctor’s notes

One of ignatz‘s Laws of the Internet is as follows: Every text field will be treated as a means of communicating with the little men who run the Internet. A post today on the excellent Museum of Hoaxes website brought to my attention an earlier post on that same site. That post was entitled “Doctor’s […]

Crepuscular time

A thought that caught my eye in this Metafilter thread: A person’s success in life is determined by what he does between 5 and 10 pm. A bit overly generalized, yes (but not so much in the context of that thread), but I like the sentiment behind it. Especially lately I’m bad for leaving work, […]

On Facebook, all history is recent.

Pam made an interesting remark on my Facebook friendswhoring post: It amazes me how the internet has really opened up “history”. I found my best friend from grade 5/6 on a site called the Names Database, and just recently a guy I was friends with from age 8 to 12 found me on Facebook. It’s […]

Long tail is loooooong.

This is a genet: It’s about cat-sized, if you don’t count the tail. If you count the tail, well: But that’s not the great part. The great part is that they are easily domesticated, thrive on cat food and fruit, can be litter-trained, and make devoted pets with personalities somewhere between cats and ferrets. (Be […]

Fine, I give in.

Ok, I’m giving in. I’m on goddamn Facebook now. Here’s my profile. If you know me, add me as a friend so I won’t be a wallflower anymore. Am I going to regret this? Jesus, there are people from my highschool there. WHAT IF THEY FIND ME

oh, -32300, ok

Error message I received from WordPress (probably from the LJXP plugin? I’m not sure) while posting that last post: Something went wrong – -32300 : transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 Well, that’s certainly helpful. I wonder what the HTTP status code was, or what URL was being requested that returned said […]

Back in the classroom, kind of

Last night I had my first “class” at U of O. They’ve recommended that I take an optional, free, non-credit math course to make sure my math chops are up to speed when real classes start. I’m not sure what the criteria for that recommendation are, but it won’t kill me to brush up on […]