Monthly Archives March 2007

In the (red)

Turns out that buying a t-shirt and an iPod might not be helping Africa much after all: Project (RED) has only pulled in $18M in donations for $100M of marketing outlay in its first year. (RED)’s CEO responds: It’s never been a charity! It’s not about the money, it’s about the exposure! The first seven […]

RSS feed reader comparo

I’m a pretty heavy RSS user: pretty much everything I read regularly on the Web I read via RSS, some 300 feeds. (I don’t read everything in all of them every day.) I’ve used Bloglines for a long time, and it’s worked pretty well for me: I’m used to its interface, it performs pretty quickly, […]

My Firefox plugins

I finally got around to upgrading to Firefox 2 yesterday. When it first came out, I upgraded, found that 90% of my plugins hadn’t been updated yet, and then promptly went back to 1.5. I figured it was finally time to give it another shot, and as I’d hoped all of the plugins I needed […]

Breaking science news from CFRA

Breaking science news from local Ottawa radio station/news website CFRA.

Explaining Catch-22

Metafilter user jnecht asks Ask Metafilter: “What’s the appeal of Catch-22“? The denizens of AskMe provide some excellent answers.