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Application in the mail

My MBA application is on its way to the University of Ottawa now. Yay! I’m feeling pretty confident about my application. Academics were fine (my undergrad GPA was 3.64), GMAT went great, professional experience should be sufficient. My letter of intent didn’t feel as strong as I’d have liked but I think it’ll do, especially […]

Sioux Lookout: “drunk and dirty”

Maybe cutting and pasting blindly from Wikipedia for your brochure is not such a great idea after all. (Here’s the edit in question.)

Internet 1, hit and run driver 0

Internet 1, hit-and-run driver 0 [via ignatz]

My WordPress plugins

I’d started writing a post about which WordPress plugins I’m using right after I got things up and running here, but decided to put it off because my plugin list was changing regularly. Things have settled down, though, and bunnyhero asked what plugins I was using, so now seems like a good time! Feel free […]

Embracing the tubes

Candice pointed out to me this morning that US presidential hopeful John Edwards has a myspace, livejournal, youtube,, xanga, facebook, flickr, orkut, metacafe, tagworld, 43Things, yahoo! 360°, essembly, gather, partybuilder, ning, revver,, CHBN, vSocial, collectivex, bebo, care2, and hi5 account. I think this is what those in the campaign management profession call “trying […]

Meta: Comment moderation

By the way, I’m still getting the hang of WordPress and anti-spam plugins and comment moderation, so apologies if your comment is accidentally put in the moderation queue and takes a while for your comment to show up. Part of that is because Akismet’s getting a few false positives lately, part of it is because […]

More from Drucker

Another quote from Drucker that struck a chord: The task of management is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant. This is what organization is all about, and it is the reason that management is the critical, determining factor. With all the emphasis that management gets […]

Microsoft’s great new Vista fonts available free

Joey at Global Nerdy points out that the six new fonts included with Vista are also available free with Microsoft’s Powerpoint 2007 Viewer application: install Powerpoint Viewer, get the fonts. There are better samples over on Joey’s post. I did up a document (my MBA application letter, yay!) in Constantia tonight and it’s a nice, […]