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How to Win Friends

Over at Get Rich Slowly, JD sings the praises of How to Win Friends and Influence People. I was going to post about that book but JD’s said anything I would, so go read it there.

Official GMAT scores

I received my official GMAT scores this morning. Nothing’s changed from my unofficial ones, of course, but I also now have my Analytical Writing score: 6.0 (out of 6, 95th percentile). Yay! I knew that the writing section went well because it’s just not that hard, but still, it’s nice to have aced it rather […]

Composites of attractiveness

Flickr user manitou2121 (who apparently lives across the river from me in Gatineau!) has made composite photos from each score range on Interesting to see how little variation there is in total and how pale the highest rating is. [via mefi]

Bourdain on the Food Network

Anthony Bourdain guest-blogs about the Food Network on Ruhlman. (Anthony Bourdain does not much like the Food Network.) [via iggy.]

Curling with newbies!

Ottawa Curling Club logoCandice and I went to a curling party put on by Ottawa’s chapter of the McGill Young Alumni at the Ottawa Curling Club downtown today. Candice wasn’t too sure about curling, and I was worried it was going to be too basic, but it turned out fun!

We had about a dozen curlers total. Of those, only Eddie (the event organizer, Young Alumni president, and a member of that club) had serious curling experience. another three, including me, had been curling in a rookies’ program since September, and two others had curled but not recently, so I ended up coaching a bit.

Another test post

Just testing WordPress crossposting, don’t mind me. (Still testing.)

I could store them in a trunk

If I was a size 10.5 I would seriously consider bidding on these shoes. (Alas, 11.)


Right now in Ottawa the temperature is -24 C (-11 F), but with the windchill it’s -38 C (-37 F). On the other hand, in Alert, Nunavut, it’s -20 C with no windchill. Maybe I should move up to Alert where it’s warm.