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People I am not

Inspired by Dennis Ritchie, here is a list of people who I am not: Rich Lafferty, champion enduro motorcycle racer, who gives me the best run for my money in Google (although I now have the #1 result for “rich lafferty motorcycle” which amuses me) Richard Lafferty, Métis fiddler in the Northwest Territories Richard Lafferty, […]

I think I’ve got this Costco thing figured out

I went back to Costco last night (alone, Candice was working), and left with a cartful of things, none of which I got home and went “What was I thinking?”, so I think it went well. Most of the stuff I bought was stuff we always buy right away when we’ve run out, which I […]

101 Things in 1001 Days

I missed this meme the first time around, but now that I’m trying to whip my life back into shape I figured I should give it a shot. The plan is to list 101 things to do in the next 1001 days, which takes me until November 19, 2009. For symbolic purposes I’m going to […]

Sun 1, Rich 0

We have the odd SunOS 4.x box at work for historical reasons, and today I went to apply the free Terix patch for vintage Solaris to them. Of course being SunOS 4.x they didn’t have patchadd, so I tried to do things the hard way: # cd /var/spool/patch/T000001-01 # ./installpatch Please borrow a copy of […]

Costco for dummies

Candice and I went to Costco today and picked up a membership. We forced ourselves to only look around on our first trip, lest we accidentally come home with a new TV or something. It’s pretty much what I expected, with a bit more grocery and a bit less other stuff. One thing I have […]

It means he has trouble doing things like going to the grocery store.

zhixel reminded me about this after reading “Getting Back on Track“:  

Queen’s wants me?

I just got a letter, overnighted by Fedex, from Queen’s University’s MBA program. I sent Queen’s my GMAT results because you can send to up to five schools for free, so just on the crazy off chance that I might want to apply there I included them. (There’s a couple of reasons why I’m not […]

Getting back on track.

I feel like I’ve got a lot to say about the last few years and my plans for the next few, but it’s hard to know where to start. I’ll try starting here: I’m beginning to recognize that for the past few years I’ve been dealing poorly with actual capital-D Depression. I know, I know, […]