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ring ring ring

Geostationary Banana Over Texas.

the people at our local coffeehouse are weird

i’m from the future Uploaded by mendel on 24 Dec ’06, 4.11pm EST.

My missing photodocumentary

I have a nice camera. It’s easy to use, takes good pictures (after a couple of repairs, sigh), and it’s very portable. So portable, in fact, that I could take it places I go, and when I’m there I could take pictures with it. Yet my flickr account runs dry, other than the wedding and […]


I’m a reader. Most of you reading this are probably also dedicated readers, the sort to keep a particular shelf full with books queued up to read. But lately I’ve been thinking about how many of the books I’ve bought over the years have been ones I’ve returned to, compared to the number which get […]

Candice reindeer!

Candice reindeer! Originally uploaded by mendel. I think I’m in trouble.


Long time no post. It’s always long time no post, isn’t it? Sigh. Got the Christmas icon back, at least! Here’s a weird one for you: I installed Windows (XP Pro) on my laptop the other day. Yes, yes, hell’s frozen over, I know. I need to work in both Windows and Unix regularly, so […]