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“Honey, have you seen the cat?” “He’s in the living room, sleeping in the asshole.”

Benjy Feen summarizing Peter Drucker on management

Quoting this here because it resonated with me and I want to find it easily later: Ideally, managers create organizations to carry out their plans, and they keep a watchful eye on their resources, especially the most valuable resource, time. Given that, a few questions arise naturally, and it is the specific responsibility of a […]

Technically there are no pedants behind you.

Pet peeve time. This is a button-down, because the collar buttons down: This, despite having buttons down the front, is not a button-down: I know I’ve already lost this one — and I’d go so far as to say that “button-down” simply means something else to your average under-30 — but it’s a useful distinction […]

it’s the best kind

From tonight’s ground turkey, both disturbing and promising all at once: Soon it will become turk-cos. Also, yesterday I bought jeans that were a 34 instead of a 36 waist. To celebrate this I am being a dork and posting to styleforum’s What Are You Wearing Now thread, which is also sort of a styleforum […]

Well, that’s an odd place for geekery.

Because I’m too lazy to change the channel, Miami Ink just came on the TV. The title of tonight’s episode: “Symbolic Ink”. What?

Testing via ljtalk

Wow, LJ Talk is pretty well done. Sign in with a Jabber client, and there’s your mutual friends, all in their own group on your roster, with userpics and everything. And there’s a goat bot that you can post through, too — send it a message (like I’m doing right now) and it makes its […]

lazyweb: help me back up to a shell account

So Dreamhost, odd place they are, have apologized to their users for a long stint of server and network problems (which seems to be resolved, knock on wood) by doubling our monthly bandwidth and 10x-ifying our plans’ disk quotas. That means I’ve got 413GB of storage there now. I don’t have 413GB worth of website […]

note: still a fashion whore

There’s now a Stance store in Bayshore! Stance primarily sells fashion sneakers from big brands: Converse, Puma, Onitsuka Tiger, Adidas, Vans, Etnies, Lacoste, that sort of thing. And those sorts of things are hard to find in Ottawa — the big sports stores don’t carry many slim street shoes, just athletic shoes or big chunky […]