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O Canada!

This is so great. From eBay Canada’s payment policy: Sellers may offer to accept personal cheques, money orders, cashier’s cheques, certified cheques, Canadian Tire Money™ and other negotiable instruments. (For those going “Canadian what?”, see here.) Also, while Canadian Tire Money is permitted, cash is not. Now I want to sell things on eBay and […]

argh (or, this is also why people wear pleated pants)

I suppose I’m kind of known to be a bit more up on fashion than most of my geeky friends, because I have this conversation about once a month, and it just happened again: some guy: I need to buy a suit for $EVENT, but I want to buy something that I can wear next […]

This clears things up

All hardware sucks.

I have to build a computer, and I need another set of eyes before I buy things. Considering what I do, I’m really not much of a PC hardware geek, especially on consumer-level hardware. But our file-and-everything-else server at home did not fare well during a scheduled power outage lately, and won’t POST. And not […]


This should be good: Rick Mercer (he of This Hour has 22 Minutes‘s Talking to Americans and the Rick Mercer Report) has a blog.

When it rains, it pours

For ages there has been almost no interesting tours coming through Ottawa — or at least I didn’t notice them until it was too late, mostly because we were so busy with wedding stuff. But now… Tomorrow:French Kicks at Babylon October 9:New Pornographers at the Capital Music Hall October 28:Death Cab for Cutie at the […]


The idea came to him as he was waiting in line behind a man at a D.C. tattoo parlor: “I noticed his polo shirt and made my decision.”