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worst bounce message ever

AOL bounce message: <>: host[] said: 550 We would love to have gotten this email to But, your recipient never logged onto their free AIM Mail account. Please contact them and let them know that they’re missing out on all the super features offered by AIM Mail. And by the way, they’re also […]

Motorcycle thing

I just took a beard trimmer to my 5 days’ beard growth to bring it back to 3 days’ stubble and it worked. Yay! I thought it’d look unnatural and too carefully-maintained. I feel sort of lame, though. But I hate being clean-shaven. I’m never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm… In […]

Definitely not my parents’ realtor, since my parents’ realtor just sells houses

There’s a realtor in our area which advertises regularly in the local alt-weeklies and magazines as “Kiki, Not Your Parents’ Realtor”, with the little sketch you see to the right there. As hackneyed as that sounds, I liked the sentiment behind it, and her ads did seem to be unlike your typical realtor’s WE SELL […]

i didn’t know Beenz still existed, but they’d like to sell me some

Candice did this and it terrified me enough to try it myself, and it still terrifies me. It’s actually not a bad likeness if I’d been on a heroin diet for a while.

What metros have <i>you</i> ridden?

Neat meme, poorly implemented since you have to search over and over instead of just reading a list of cities. Here’s the metros I’ve been on: Got at! Although if Paris’s Metro and RER get separate logos — and the Vancouver Skytrain is listed at all — then I should also show   

it’s the raid 5 song!

10 TB of disk on the wall, 10 TB of disk You take one down Pass it around 10 TB of disk on the wall! 10 TB of disk on the wall, 10 TB of disk You take one down Pass it around 0 TB of disk on the wall!