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Wikipedia contrail

This is my “Wikipedia contrail” — the list of pages in Wikipedia I’ve been to in the last week or two, according to my browser history. There isn’t a whole lot of random browsing around (which is what would make it a contrail, I guess), but the breadth amused me. Mythology and fiction in Nethack, […]


Yay, I have my big old 21″ CRT monitor back. The desktop guys weren’t that surprised; apparently I’m not the first to find the 1280×1024 worse than dealing with a grumpy CRT. So I think I’ll hold onto this guy until it just doesn’t work at all anymore, and then look into specifically requesting a […]

Suddenly I’m high-maintenance.

A few weeks ago at work, my monitor started to misbehave a bit — a loud click, and then a few hours of the screen flicking ever so slightly. It’s an old monitor, a big 21″ Dell CRT, so it’s starting to get a bit long in the tooth. I raised a helpdesk request because […]


Also, BREAKING NEWS: Candice passed her provincial exams, so she’s now a real, honest-to-goodness massage therapist instead of a slacker student now. Go congratulate her!

they’re invading our malls

Build-A-Bear Workshop is a chain of stores that let you build your own teddy bear — you pick how stuffed it is, what it wears, its name, that sort of thing. One just opened in the Bayshore Shopping Centre in the west end, so they had a little feature story on the local A Channel […]

terrorist yard sale

So apparently there was a big domestic terrist bust in Toronto. CNN called them “Al Qaeda-inspired”, which I guess means they weren’t Al Qaeda but they were brown and we don’t know who they were doing it for. Anyhow, lots of fertilizer and plans for lots of boom and they caught them so that’s good. […]