Monthly Archives May 2006

lizardbreath does not approve

I admit that I like For Better Or For Worse. It’s not a great day-to-day strip as comic strips go, but I’ve been reading it as long as I’ve been reading comics, and since the characters age in real-time and there’s 25 years of complete continuity there (and in part because I’m the around the […]

I bought an accordion!

Fiore accordion Originally uploaded by mendel. A week or two ago, Candice and I swung by the Ottawa Folklore Centre, the local folk-oriented music store. In the window they had these little toy accordions, and today I went back and picked one up! These little things have a bit of a following online. I’ve never […]

I have a new food blog!

Candice and I realized recently that we spend an awful lot of time and energy on things food-related: reading and talking about food and wine and restaurants, trying local restaurants, cooking, baking, looking for local merchants, shopping for wine, and so forth, and that there’s a dearth of people talking about food in Ottawa even […]


This has been a weekend of good food. Last night for dinner we made pizza — a parmesan and romano flatbread with pesto, bosc pear slices, caramelized onions and Brie. Everything was just the right proportion, the pear softened up just enough in the oven, and the pesto was just oily enough to make it […]

Fuzzy Freddy Fox

Fuzzy Freddy, originally uploaded by Rob Lee. An Ask Metafilter thread pointed out this neat Flickr set of photos of a people-friendly fox that’s been visiting someone for a while. So cute!