Monthly Archives March 2006

and a yo ho ho

Wow, I haven’t posted in forever. Well, the easiest way to get around that is to post about something, so here you go. So apparently I like rum. I didn’t think I liked rum. I have exactly one childhood memory about rum (and boy, if “childhood memory about rum” doesn’t raise warning flags), except that […]

aftermarket audio blues

Out of boredom I just spent some time learning about the audio system on my car (a ’99 Saab 9-3), with an eye towards seeing what I can do in terms of aftermarket kit. MP3s and satellite radio might be nice, or just a newer non-OEM head unit, etc. But Saab seems to have tried […]

This does not make food.

Candice and I decided we wanted peanut butter cookies. First stop: the recipe on the side of the jar of Kraft peanut butter. Second stop: Any other recipe, because: Super Easy Kraft Peanut Butter Cookies 1. MIX together 1 cup KRAFT Smooth Peanut Butter, 1/2 cup sugar, and an egg. 2. ROLL into balls and […]

truth in advertising

A wet wipe that came with nachos at the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market the other day:

How not to establish your business

Got mail today from an address I didn’t recognize with the subject “Wedding Photos”. We’re planning a wedding so I figured it might be something relevant, especially since it was a big (4MB) message. Nope. Some local startup wedding photographers decided the best way to get business would be to scrape the addresses of local […]