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Maybe Rosencrantz and Guildenstern should enter on a miniature train.

angevin2 presents: The Things I Will Not Do When I Direct A Shakespeare Production, On Stage Or Film. I cannot choose favorites. Go and read them all.


overriding usb charging current in linux?

Asking here because I can’t think of where I should post, and because I’m tired of people on various IRC channels completely misunderstanding the question, and because I know a few people from RIM read this: The goal here is to charge my Blackberry by plugging it into a USB host running Linux. The problem […]

gravity and an enclosed thingy

Bobsledding isn’t very exciting to watch having already watched luge and skeleton.

geekery: centos, RSI prevention

<geekery> I’ve been using CentOS 4, a freely-redistributable build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, on a bunch of new servers at work lately, and I’m impressed with the fit and finish. Until now I’ve been using Fedora Core, and while it’s been fine, it moves a bit fast for me — product lifetimes measured […]

Johari personality window

If you know me well or have known me for a while, go contribute to my Johari window, so I can see how my self-assessment compares with others’ assessments of my personality. The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingram in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing […]

Decorating an altoids tin

I’ve got an altoids tin that I’m using as a case for my iPod Shuffle. It works pretty well — I cut the original packaging up to make a little plastic bit that holds the shuffle itself against the lid, and then the little quick-reference card and the headphones fit in the bottom part. So […]

also the US curling effort seems to involve cute blonde sisters somehow

From a Associated Press overview piece on Olympic curling from the NBC Olympics website: Although popular in Scotland, which claims to have invented curling, and in Canada, which claims to have invented ice, curling remains on the fringe in the United States. Editors? Editors?