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radio livejournal

The line between mundane and awesome is a fine one, and I think this falls on the “awesome” side. Brad has thrown together Radio LiveJournal, which is to phone posts what the LJ images feed is to images posted in journal entries. It just keeps streaming one phone post after another. No-one uses phone posts […]


Illustrator Keri Smith takes a sheet of round stickers and a Sharpie to the streets, leaving her town looking like something Richard Scarry came up with. I know what I’m going to grab next time I’m in Office Depot, derivative or otherwise. (Found via the excellent illustration blog Drawn!, which I’ve seen off and on […]

admire the width of my band!

My web, mail, and DNS hosting is at Dreamhost. It’s a pretty good provider; certainly not enterprise-class and there’s been a couple of times I’ve had to have discussions with support about why something was their problem and not mine, but for personal or small-business shared hosting, it works out pretty well. Multiple shell users, […]

hold on, i can look that up

A list of things that I have wondered about while not at home, from the Wikipedia pages in the URL history of my Blackberry: Adult Swim Apple Baseball Citric acid Couscous Dacquoise Lever Little Feat Mortadella Ottawa Praline Tour de France I wonder why I was looking up Little Feat?