Monthly Archives December 2005

Beginner’s scotch

Scotch drinkers: What’s a decent, inexpensive and readily available single malt or good blend for a brand-new scotch drinker whose current dram of choice is a good dark sipping rum? I don’t want something pretending to be bourbon, but I don’t want to overwhelm with iodine and peat either. Probably some sort of Speyside or […]

These are not the pants you think they are

Someone’s not proofreading. Also, these pants are a pain to iron. (Also annoying: I have to use User Agent Switcher to claim to be IE when I use Firefox in Linux to go to, otherwise it complains and tells me that on a PC I should use Firefox 1.0 or greater. Nice failure mode.)

This is the most annoying hardware problem ever.

I have an Ultra 10 at work which handles mail for a small group of users who haven’t moved onto Notes for whatever reason. Lately it’s been hanging over the weekend: console reports that /var is full and / is out of inodes, and a hard reboot brings it back up without a full /var […]

All blog hits, all the time!

 megpickard has helpfully scanned and posted the cover of the latest compilation CD, Now That’s What I Call Blogging 62. Now if you’re like me, you haven’t taken NTWICB #61 out of your playlists for months, and your podcast listeners are starting to get a bit tired of it — no more! Now you’ve got […]