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Merry Christmas again!

Ok, so maybe I will post on Christmas Day. Today was great! Candice and I got up early to open presents and have a big breakfast. By coincidence Nyxie and I both got each other iPods — a Shuffle for me and a Nano for her. I have simple play-and-forget for those occasional times I […]

Merry Christmas!

It’s still Christmas Eve here, of course, but I doubt I’ll be posting for the next few days, so you get it now. I hope you all have a happy Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, or whatever you might do for the next day or two. I got my first Christmas present early — a permanent […]

ntdsutil auth restore subtree

One amusing element of a major outage on the last day before Christmas holidays — on which a lot of people bring their kids in to work — is a lot of “Fuck! Crap! Uh, oops, sorry.” We now have a few system administrators, myself included, going “Rats!” when things don’t work out. It’s sort […]

Automatic Threadless wallpaper generator

I realized while browsing through Threadless’s catalog the other day that while there are only a handful of designs there that I’d like to wear, pretty much all of them with suitable background colors would make great computer wallpaper. But since there were hundreds I liked, I didn’t want to have to edit all of […]

Butter many privates

Someone over in Engrish found a Chinese food menu which had been translated to English character by character with no regard to content, and posted scans. Seriously some of the best Engrish ever.

first, draw a safe on a cardboard box

New from O’Reilly/Syngress: How to Cheat at Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network. I realize that “How To Cheat At” is a book series, but how could a title like that get past an editor and the book’s author without any red flags being raised?

Did this need to exist? I don’t think it did.

“Thanks” to Brad, this entry was posted with Excel.

saw this in a toy store just the other day