Monthly Archives November 2005

ui hall of shame: gnome-volume-control

This one’s a lot simpler than previous entries. The program illustrated below, gnome-volume-control, is the standalone volume control application for GNOME. The other volume control is an applet with a single slider, so this is the only way to change anything other than overall volume. Who in their right mind would let this go out […]

Why Google Base?

Google Base has broken new ground for Google by being the first service they’ve introduced which I can’t understand the purpose of. Google is a search engine. GMail is a mail client. Froogle is a search engine designed for shopping. Google Groups is Usenet and mailing lists. Google Suggest refines searches, Google Scholar searches academic […]

Never trust anyone under 30

So as of yesterday I’m in decade number 3. I thought that turning 30 would feel weird, like a loss of freedom or the extra weight of adult responsibility, but while I do sort of feel that I’ve lost an excuse, things feel alright. Much of that is my father’s doing — my parents separated […]


New icon for me, from this ad which Fweebles found online and pointed out.

Separated at birth?

When you drive a car that’s a bit uncommon your eyes sort of develop the ability to pick them out on the road, and both Candice and I tend to see Saab 9-3s from miles off. But lately my Saaby-sense has been fooled regularly by Hyundai Elantras. I was curious how much of this was […]