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awesomest comic strip

[thanks to Citizenx. don't forget to click through to see it]

the what, where

Nice error message, LiveJournal.

Google Blog Search

Ages ago Google stopped providing excerpts for LiveJournal searches, but they’ve now made up for it with Google Blog Search, which lets you search the blogosphere or a particular blog with full excerpts (and some intelligence in terms of figuring out individual authors and blogs by name). It seems to work pretty well, although it […]

Weird gulf coast benefit concert

This is weird. Right now we’re watching Shelter from the Storm, “A Concert for the Gulf Coast”. It’s the strangest benefit “concert” I’ve ever seen. First, it’s on every TV network. There’s a list of them at that URL above. Eight broadcast networks, a couple dozen cable channels including CNBC, The Tennis Channel, and “TV […]

Big, popular Canadian blogs?

I need more cancon in my daily reading. The “A-list” of bloggers approximates the “A-list” of American bloggers, and I want to round out what I’m reading with a Canadian perspective. I find myself reading a lot of interesting blogs from Americans but I’m always sort of an extra step removed, so I want to […]

Engagement photos!

Last week Candice and I went down to Hog’s Back Falls on the Rideau River, where we met our wedding photographer, Andrew Van Beek, for engagement photos. It was a blast. Andrew commented a few times as we were climbing over rocks and around fences and past “No Entry” signs how much fun we were […]

bash is terrifying me again

:) fishsticks$ exec 5<>/dev/tcp/ :) fishsticks$ echo -e “GET / HTTP/1.0\nHost:\n\n” >&5 :) fishsticks$ head -1 <&5 HTTP/1.1 200 OK :) fishsticks$ ls /dev/tcp ls: /dev/tcp: No such file or directory Potentially handy, yes, but yeeesh.