Monthly Archives September 2005

Ok, this is creepy.

I was playing with Yahoo’s new SiteExplorer last night, browsing through its list of incoming links to my website. All sorts of interesting and less-interesting stuff, and one creepy thing: some guy in Kansas city is using a picture of me as if it were a photo of him on his Blogger profile and on […]

SS knives, you say

Maybe it’s time for the NTSA to do another background check on its photographer, eh?

the squid sees you. THE SQUID SEES YOU!

I can spell banana, but I don’t know when to stop.

Check out the goodness that is one banana: Man, that’s some good stuff. I really need more bananas, less Corn Pops. I was also relieved to find that they are not going extinct. Did you know bananas are herbs? The organic food store near us sells baby bananas. I haven’t tried one yet, but I […]

Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results blues:What more to say? I love listening to blues and playing blues. I played jazz bass for years and while I still love listening to jazz, the blues talks to me a lot more directly, both at the fundamental level that most people enjoy blues for and because of the challenge […]

More product labeling fun

After yesterday’s Mountain Dew natural health product, a few more product labelling and marketing gems: The Great Canadian Superstore grocery store near us has bright yellow Unbeatable! signs by the staple foods that they guarantee the best price in town on. One of these was eggs, and their Unbeatable! EGGS sign was up for at […]

Mountain Dew Energy

Until this year, Mountain Dew in Canada has contained no caffeine. Americans typically have a hard time understanding this, and reasonably so, and people wonder why we’d drink it at all (the answer, of course, is “we were 12, and it’s full of sugar”). There is some legal reason that Mountain Dew doesn’t contain caffeine […]

up up down down left right left right a b a b wtf

Nintendo’s controller for their next-generation console, the Revolution, appears to be a remote control. With an analog stick on a dangly spleen. While I am glad that the last thirty years of innovation has led to the inclusion of a power button on the controller (why was this hard?) I’m having a hard time getting […]