Monthly Archives July 2005

Turning off quickreply

I remember talking to a few people who read my friends list who can’t stand the Javascript-based “quick comment” feature, and wish that LJ defaulted to the “go to a separate page to leave a comment” behavior that preceded it. I finally remembered how to switch back to the old behavior: go to the administrative […]

Fantastic 3d rendering

Check out this amazing 3d rendering of a ZX-6R. The level of detail is amazing, especially for the parts that are obscured by the fairing anyhow. This forum thread follows the development of the model over 5 months and shows high-resolution versions of some of the preliminary work and the naked bike.

I leveled up!

Exactly 61 days ago I got my M1 license, so today I swung by the Ministry of Transportation with the results of my June motorcycle course to convert my M1 into an M2. I’m now a fully-licensed motorcyclist (although I’ve still got two years of zero alcohol tolerance, but that’s fine by me). That removes […]

Wikipedia goodness, ermines, and les motos

A few random things: The Wikipedia articles on The Price is Right and TPIR’s pricing games are a great read if you’re a fan of the game. Speaking of Wikipedia, I learned via their article on heraldry that the blazon for the coat of arms of Brittany is “Ermine”. That’s it, just “Ermine”. Any heraldic […]

i am teh WIT

the Wit (73% dark, 8% spontaneous, 16% vulgar) your humor style:CLEAN | COMPLEX | DARK You like things edgy, subtle, and smart. I guess that means you’re probably an intellectual, but don’t take that to mean you’re pretentious. You realize ‘dumb’ can be witty–after all isn’t that the Simpsons’ philosophy?–but rudeness for its own sake, […]

Godadaamn keyboardaa.

The keyboardaa on my laptop (a DAell Latitudaaae DA600) has daevelopeda an annoying habit of sendaiang a bunch of “a” keypresses after I press the “da” key. (As you can see in the worda “sendaiang”, some of the “a” keypresses even follow the letters presseda subsequent to the “daa”). If I press harda aon the […]


After I saw Substitute‘s, I did the Find Your Spot thing that chooses the places in the US o’A that suit you best. Here’s my top 20. I haven’t commented on them as much as many because I don’t know as much about big American cities as Americans do. Portland, Oregon – No surprise here. […]

Commuting on two wheels

Finally took the bike to work today. The commute was pretty much uneventful, which is good; traffic was heavy but no-one was in a huge hurry and I ended up going faster than a lot of the cars on the Parkway, which surprised me. (It’s signed 60, but everyone goes 70-80 in off hours, and […]