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Motorcycle course, part 2: learning to ride!

(The first part of this entry is here.) The practical part of the course started out simple: first, we learned how to walk a motorcycle (walk along beside the bike, not on it, and lean it towards you especially when turning away from the side you’re standing on), and then how to balance it at […]

Motorcycle course, part 1: preparation

Last weekend I took and passed the Ottawa Safety Council’s Gearing Up motorcycle course. I had meant to post an entry on Saturday night and an entry on Sunday night but I was too tired to think, so you get the whole thing in review instead. Wednesday night was the safety lecture and equipment inspection. […]

Photos of online photo stores

I usually wouldn’t post something here that’s already made it as far as BoingBoing, but this is seriously amusing. If you’ve ever shopped for a digital camera online, you’ve probably noticed that there are an awful lot of reasonably-large photography websites for stores based in Brooklyn. A Brooklyn resident who participates in has taken […]

trace! can you dig it?

How did I make it ten years without knowing about dig‘s +trace option? :) fishsticks$ dig +trace ; DiG 9.2.5 +trace ;; global options: printcmd . 7869 IN NS . 7869 IN NS . 7869 IN NS . 7869 IN NS . 7869 IN NS . 7869 IN […]