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Canada Day quiz

So, Canada Day is tomorrow, and the Globe and Mail has prepared a quiz about things Canadian — not necessarily big historical things, just things. Some of you have already done this quiz after Candice posted about it. The rest of you can do it now :-) take the quiz! I got 13/20.

knit rats knit rats knit rats

For Eyeteeth: knit rats.

iiiiiit’s NOODLES!

Three points in re noodles: The ramen-style noodles I’m having for dinner have the following ingredients: Wheat flour, water, lye, vegetable oil. One of these things is not like the others. I feel all clean inside! On the same package I am instructed to “Put the noodle into boiling water, to simmer 2 minutes the […]

I think I’ll pass

Nyxie and I are sitting on the patio at Pub Italia, our favorite local beer-lover’s pub. I’ve mentioned the honesty of the beer descriptions here before, but wanted to share a few: Crest Super Lager (England) – “This beer is only suitable for purchase for somebody that you really don’t like” Faxe (Denmark) – “This […]

Time sinks

Couple of neat Web time sinks that I’ve spent way too much time reading lately: The TTABlog is IP lawyer John L. Welch’s blog of analysis of recent decisions of the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. You’ll either find this stuff riveting or like watching paint dry. Being only […]

Why don’t Unix users use symbolic permissions anymore?

Watching junior to intermediate level sysadmins on a handful of Unix-related IRC channels, I’ve noticed that no-one seems to use symbolic permissions with “chmod” anymore. This sort of puzzles me, because symbolic permissions are the only way to change some permissions without setting all of them at once. So, I ask of you: I’d love […]

library upgrade week

The Ottawa Public Library‘s electronic catalogue is apparently being upgraded, and as a result is unavailable for three freaking days. What the hell? They helpfully note: You will be able to browse the shelves and renew and check out material. The bookdrop will be accessible as usual. Items will not become due during the week […]

First motorcycle weekend redux

I left out the best part about Sunday’s ride! While I was tooling around the neighbourhood here practicing starting off facing uphill, I passed a family walking down the road, and the kids waved. I know I’m a newbie on a beginner bike, adults watching me try to start on that hill knew I was […]