Monthly Archives May 2005

Updatey thing

I haven’t been posting much lately, but there hasn’t been a whole lot going on, either. Candice‘s parents came down to visit last weekend. I met her mother a few months back, but this is the first time her father and I met. The four of us went out for dinner on Saturday night — […]

best t-shirt evar

I know I would probably never wear it, but I still want this t-shirt.

Ontario new driver sign

Ontario folks: Have any of you ever seen the sign pictured at left? According to the Driver’s Handbook (which I’m reading to get ready for my M1 test — I feel like I’m 16 again) it’s a “Novice Driver” sign that works like the “L” learner’s plates in the UK, but I’ve never seen one […]

Testing lj2me

New crackberry (a 7290 to replace my old 957) for me! Now that I can run j2me apps, I’m trying out lj2me (Bri, mobilelj fails with a null pointer exception when I try to run it.) Unfortunately I can’t IRC from it yet, because work blocks outbound IRC as “file trading software”. I should poke […]