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Geek diversion: tsocks

You’re probably already familiar with ssh’s portforwarding abilities — where ssh -L8000:somehost:80 otherhost will set up an encrypted tunnel where local connections to port 8000 will be tunneled through to otherhost and then connected to port 80 on somehost from there — and if you’re like me you might even have a couple of shell […]


Let’s be friends. Edit: Slashdotted. In the meantime, you can get the idea here and check back later.

Scanner’s working, so…

Got my scanner working again, so here’s a couple of things I’ve been meaning to scan for a while. President’s Choice named their Ritz-alike crackers after Candice and I: And this is a skateboard-safety pamphlet that Health and Safety was distributing at work. Have they made skateboards like that in the last thirty years? Don’t […]

US visitor’s survival guide

There are a lot of nuances to life in the US that you can only learn by living here. Nevertheless, we will try to introduce you to some of the more important cultural differences. [via ask mefi]

<lj user=”nyxie”>, I love you!

Candice and I are engaged! We’ve been talking about getting married for a while now — I think we mostly started thinking about it when my cousin Scott got married last October. It was a small wedding officiated by a Humanist, and both of those got us talking about what we’d do when we got […]

Belated update

I managed to pretty much not post at all over the holidays, so let’s get things up to date. The holidays were fun! I had from the 23rd through the 2nd off so was able to flop and relax for a bit, and get my Christmas shopping done at my leisure. Spent Christmas morning here […]

bash weirdness

This is just odd. Tell me how this functionality could be useful: $ export testf=’() { echo test; }’ $ bash $ testf test In ten years I’ve never thought “Boy, I wish I could import shell functions from my environment upon invocation”, but maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Tsunami relief

From Brevity: Robin Hood alert: if you’re Canadian, here’s your chance to steal from the government! (And give to victims of the tsunami.) Donations to Oxfam Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, World Vision Canada, UNICEF Canada, Care Canada, Doctors Without Borders, World University Service of Canada , Salvation Army, Canadian Food for the Hungry International, […]