Monthly Archives December 2004

Vive la bière Québecoise!

One nice part about living here is that around this time of year, Unibroue‘s holiday collection starts appearing in beer stores. For the price of a premium 12-pack, I now have in the fridge: two Édition 2004 extra-strong Belgian-style pale ale, conspicuously absent from their website for some reason (90 on beeradvocate) Blanche de Chambly, […]

mmmmm icing

Candice and I made Christmas cookies!

dare you to lick that pole.

Monday Sunny. Wind northwest 30 km/h. High minus 21. Wind chill minus 46 in the morning and minus 32 in the afternoon.

The New York Times asks, “Is the low-carb boom over?“: Many experts say the main flaw of the low-carb diet is that, unlike low-fat and oat-bran products, low-carb offerings aren’t very effective at helping people lose weight and eat healthier. Woops!

Best project car EVAR.

1962 Ferrari project car. Needs parts, TLC. [via #mefi]

eating sensibly

Idcmp condensed his Nutrition course down to ten important points. You’ve probably heard some or all of them. Worth reading again, in any case. I also haven’t talked about the No S Diet in a while. I’ve been sort of half on it for a while, but was on full-swing a while ago. Long story […]

Un mets typiquement Quebecois

First poutine of the season (with smoked meat). Mmm.