Monthly Archives November 2004

yay christmas icon

It’s Dec 1 in some timezone, so it’s time to break out the icon again! Yay.

Moose pancakes

What better on a cold Sunday morning than moose pancakes and real maple syrup?

boil boil boil boil click

Also I have no idea how I ever survived without a good electric kettle.


Been a while since I’ve posted. Let’s see, what’s happened? I got older at the beginning of the month. Candice made me yummy dinner and even yummier espresso-chocolate-chocolate-chocolate cupcakes and bought me the first item in my future Alessi collection, Mr Suicide! Mom decided that it would make a good family tradition to buy me […]

Balancing act

Such an odd cat.


Testing photo posting again

I need a new cellphone

My phone gave up the ghost recently by refusing to detect any networks, even when it’s showing a strong signal. It’s a Nokia 8390, which while a great phone when I got it is starting to get a bit long in the tooth anyhow, so I think this is a great time to just buy […]

Help me find shoes!

I need suggestions for good, healthy, comfy, hip shoes. Right now I wear red low-top Chucks: and as far as I’m concerned they are the perfect shoe for the sort of look that I want. But I managed to injure my ankle a while ago, and I think the complete lack of ankle and arch […]