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In case you hadn’t noticed

People are incredibly dumb.

moving update

We move in 9 days. Things seem to be going well. Our get-the-keys appointment at the new building was moved from the 24th to the 27th because the office folks won’t be around on the 24th. That works out fine, because we should probably spend that weekend getting the last big stuff packed up here […]


WE’RE GETTING A CRAIGSLIST WE’RE GETTING A CRAIGSLIST WE’RE GETTING A CRAIGSLIST WE’RE GETTING A CRAIGSLIST YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!1!!one There’s an unlinked “ottawa” on the craigslist cities page, and the ottawa craigslist site itself is up but maybe not running yet. Yay! Craigslist seriously rocks. Montreal got theirs RIGHT after I left […]

rusty anchors

Some of my recent bookmarks: ☞ Word List: Adjectives of Relation — meeting and exceeding your genitive requirements ☞ xterm character sets and translation — How to switch xterm back from "I just catted an executable" state ☞ Welcome to the internet — … no-one here likes you. ☞ Cook’s Thesaurus — cooking encyclopedia […]

I’m sure someone thought this was a great idea

Current Balance: -$9.94 Amount Due: $9.94 Due Date: 2004-09-15 Failure! Please correct the errors below. THERE IS A $9.95 MINIMUM FOR PAYMENTS It seems like Dreamhost wants my money, but maybe they don’t! I wonder what they expect me to do.

Kryptonite lockpicking

This bikeforums thread explains that it is trivial to pick a cylindrical-key Kryptonite U-lock in a few seconds with a Bic pen. One poster provided a movie (mirrored by Engadget) of how quick it works. The ten-page thread turns out the way you expect — lots of people upset that they were counting on this […]

I, uh, is that…

This TIME cover reminds me of something. (That’s gotta be intentional at some point down the chain of command there.)

Discontinued ccTLDs?

A few of us on #perl were talking today about what would happen if Tuvalu (.tu) or Niue (.nu) were to sink into the ocean, as both have been threatening to do for some time, and thus were no longer recognized as countries. My position was that the domains would continue to exist, because the […]