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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. (from Candice)

canadian commons

Neat — the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic of the University of Ottawa is producing versions of the Creative Commons licenses compatible with Canadian copyright law. A lot of the differences are minor but I’m going to take their word that they are probably important. I think I’ll finally get around to labeling […]

Card stores

For the first time in a very long time, I found myself today in a mall greeting-card store (two, really — Carlton Cards and Hallmark). Usually Candice and I go to Paper-Papier, a paper store in the Byward Market, which has all sorts of interesting plain and craft-type greeting cards, most blank inside. I quickly […]

Choosing RBLs

Antispam-type people, I want your opinions on RBLs. I’ve given up on Bayesian filtering companywide, and content-only filtering just doesn’t cut it anymore, but I want to avoid putting RBL blocking or tagging in place that I’m going to regret. Basically I’m after low false positives and negatives, with an emphasis on low false positives […]

Little computer!

On the recommendation of Gordon Rowell at work, I swung by Refurb Computers today to pick up a little mini-desktop box to use as a mp3-playing stereo component. I left with the Gateway E1400 pictured to the right (click to enlarge), 3.5″ tall by 11.5″ wide by 14″ deep. It’s a pretty good deal: 633 […]

AT&… something or other.

What would you do if you wanted a telegraph installed in your home? Call Atlantic Telephone and Telegraph, of course.

At least there’s no editorial bias, but

Microsoft’s Slate webmag encourages you to abandon IE for Firefox.