Monthly Archives June 2004

Cheap mini digicams

I want a new digital camera. I currently have a Logitech Pocket Digital (without flash), and it is a seriously frustrating little camera. There is always a very good chance that a shot in full sunlight will not turn out, and anything less than that it’s not worth trying. You can see here the difference […]

1st ed. Britannica

Britannica now has a 1st edition Encyclopædica Britannica replica set available for just under US$200 (or here for US$133 at Amazon). Seriously considering it, although there are other things I could spend 180 loonies on. I would certainly get some value out of having these three volumes containing the world’s knowledge circa 1768 on my […]


Via egrep on #unix: Gentoo is rice. Seriously beautiful quotes.

Flightgear, PC upgrades, and health care kooks

Point the first: The open-source FlightGear flight simulator is pretty darn neat. It’s no X-Plane or MS Flight Simulator, and it’s still a bit rough around the edges, but it’s pretty amazing to me that an open-source project could get something like this together. It took me a while to remember how things work (and […]

dance for me!

The VooDoo Tesla II is the quietiest yet most dynamic power cord we have ever heard. Every nuance of sonic texture and detail literally dances in the holographic expanse of the soundstage. And you can’t plug something like that into just any old wall socket.