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A year ago…

I really haven’t had the energy to post lots about personal stuff lately, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, and I put off too long an important one from a week ago, when and I celebrated our first anniversary! We’d given each other presents earlier in the week because we […]

aww kitty

He’s cute, but the bed is still not made. (Be sure to look at the next two pictures in the album as well. The third one is my favorite.)

Bank authentication

I just submitted this to RISKS. It’s neato and it makes me happy so you get to read it here first: I figure a bit of good news on RISKS can’t hurt: Recently while trying to automate downloads of my account balances I managed to trip the “too many failed logins” feature on the website […]

You look familiar.

Separated at birth?   (Yes, that’s a real quarter, this year’s Canada Day commemorative coin.)

#define HOLE

~/src/screen-4.0.2$ CCFLAGS=-DHOLE ./configure && make [...] ~/src/screen-4.0.2$ ./screen Drat, something’s torn a hole in my screen.


Via revgeorge on MetaFilter: While we’re piling on BoingBoing I feel like I should point out bOINGbOING LITE, BoingBoing with entries containing “Disney”, “was nominated”, “former guestblogger” and “NPR” hidden. Background info is at Dialed In and it was inspired by this Glassdog post. You can also filter out specific contributors and your own keywords, […]

winer numbers

What’s your Winer number?

Still playing with FlightGear