Monthly Archives May 2004

Seriously not getting it here.

I’ve probably posted here before about the whistle forums that I host as a favour to the guy who runs the Chiff and Fipple tinwhistle website. These tiny little forums about tinwhistles manage to generate about 40GB of traffic and two baseless legal threats a month and have generally been a source of trouble and […]

New desk!

Yay, I have a new desk! It’s the SET workstation from Ikea, which I’ve wanted for a while now. I ended up having to order it online, since the local Ikea only stocked the böring white ones. The monitor is a little higher than I’m used to (a lot higher compared to my old Krister […]


How hard would it have been for the HTML entity for “—” — the em dash — to have been &emdash; and not — ? Was there such a shortage of space available that we couldn’t have that little “e” there? Did they believe that it was called “m dash”? Every time I use one […]

rusty anchors

Some of my recent bookmarks: ☞ Foreword: A Book Design Blog ☞ Typographica — great weblog on all things typographic ☞ Rack Rulers — Tape measure optimized for equipment racks ☞ assaisonner — seasoning is simply the addition of salt. ☞ How To Think Like A Computer Scientist — Allen B Downey’s ab initio […]