Monthly Archives April 2004

Mmm, full. Candice and I made shrimp and mushroom okonomiyaki for dinner tonight. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I think I’m hooked. I had no idea it was so filling though. I couldn’t find okonomiyaki sauce anywhere here (and the staff at both of the large Asian markets here couldn’t help) so […]

mysql replication

Brad‘s mysqlcon presentation has me thinking out some of the ways we (mis)use MySQL replication at Mitel. Most of it comes down to working on elegance — in a lot of places I think I’m doing things that work as intended, but are pretty far away from the Right Way. So now I’m trying a […]

Ok then!

Fine! Desktop meme! Why that background? It’s easy on the eyes. Occasionally I’ll use a background generated by perl -e ‘$x=int(rand(5))+2;$y=int(rand(5))+2;print “P3\n$x $y\n255\n”; print int(rand(128)),” ” for(1..$x*$y*3);print “\n”;’| pnmrotate $[RANDOM] |xv -root -max -quit +noresetroot -smooth – instead, which I got from Dagbrown. Why is your toolbar where it is? Well, erm, it’s not one, […]

LiveJournal image feed

For those that don’t follow Lj_dev: Brad has implemented an XML feed which lists the latest images linked to from LiveJournal posts, onsite or off: When I saw that, I thought, “Hrm, I should make Jwz‘s webcollage xscreensaver module load those images.” True to form, five comments into the discussion on the post, Jwz […]

Yay presents!

I got a package in the mail from Stimps today with toys for kitties and me! Both Mouse and Rasha are crazy about their knitted catnip mouse. Rasha was never a big catnip cat, but he was bouncing around on all four feet together attacking it earlier. Mouse on the other hand is definitely a […]