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What was it called?

A few years ago, while there was still a dot-com bubble, there was a company selling an internet appliance with a flat screen, which after its release took about a day for someone to figure out how to get it to run Linux. The company was selling them at a loss and making things up […]

Many, many Freezies

I have 110 Freezies. I bought a box today at the grocery store. I suppose I figured they were roughly popsicle-like in quantity, until I started taking them out of the box and putting them in the fridge, or more specifically, until I realized that some time later I was still taking them out of […]

Icon post

A bunch of people on my friends list have been posting explanations of their icons. My temporary default. I’ll get bored of it quickly. I saw the picture from the cover of Freedom of Choice in the liner notes to their Greatest Hits which I bought recently and thought that it would make a good […]

Random update

Yay, new icon for me! Bought their Greatest Hits the other day and wish I’d had it around years ago. I haven’t posted about me in a while, so let me summarize. February and March were rough in a million tiny little ways that added up to a lot; I had a series of (unrelated) […]

technical communities

Halfjack‘s recent mention of Usenet in a comment to an Lj_biz post got me thinking about Usenet and LiveJournal and the points where they intersect. One of the things I’ve never really looked hard for here is technical communities. I’m not sure why; partly because I hadn’t thought of it, I suppose, and partly because […]


For god’s sake, it’s web mail with a really big quota! I realize this would’ve been more timely a couple weeks ago when the Google GMail hype was at its peak, but people are still going on about this. Jeremy nails it in the post linked above. Didn’t we learn from Orkut?

Summer reading

Since you’re reading this, you probably have some idea of my tastes. Recommend me some summer reading. It doesn’t have to be light or nontechnical or fiction or anything at all — just stuff that you think I would enjoy. (Even better if you tell me why you think I would enjoy it!)

rusty anchors

Some of my recent bookmarks: ☞ LiveJournal’s "relayfights" community — the new adventures of the tty relay operator ☞ ieCapture — See a webpage in IE for Windows on any platform [via kottke] ☞ Okonomiyaki — Easy recipe for okonomiyaki. You must try. ☞ The Little Man That Lives In My Subwoofer ☞ Newsdesigner […]