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rusty anchors

Some of my recent bookmarks: ☞ shovelglove — sledgehammer + sweater = easy exercise at home ☞ No S Diet — more a philosophy of food than a diet — nyxie and I are trying this now ☞ whiteboard walls — How to make a whiteboard out of an entire wall (or room!) ☞ […]

hurr raidzone

Today: Reiserfs craps out on fileserver trying to free previously freed objects, and kupdated tries to deref a null pointer and oopses. Userland stops, but instead of halting, kernel continues to run other threads, including nfsd, which was apparently completely unaware that anything was amiss. Writing to a filesystem which has already given up for […]

flooded with upcoming live shows

Yow, what YEAR is it? David Bowie and Cyndi Lauper are (independently) playing in Ottawa in the next month or so. I think I will see the former, although Cyndi Lauper with Martha Wainwright would be an experience as well. But I also want to see the Irish Descendants and Great Big Sea and maybe […]


Cut out of today’s Ottawa Xpress alt-weekly. Color me disturbed.

This was a great quiz.

You are the Honourable Mr. Justice Louis LeBel. ( 55.9% match) Born: 1939, Ville de Québec, QuébecAppointed: 2000Key word: “purpose“ The law is not only a paper-pushing game; it exists for important reasons to serve a significant purpose. Opinions you wrote or co-wrote in cases like Doucet-Boudreau (trial judge retaining jurisdiction) and Malmo-Levine and Caine […]

Internet over the grid

This article in today’s Toronto Star describes an interesting innovation of Sault Ste. Marie, ON’s local power utility company to provide Internet access over the power grid. While this technology has been put to use in Europe, it has always been considered impractical in North America because North American electric systems step down to household […]

rusty anchors

Some of my recent bookmarks: ☞ Ultimate Boot CD — a couple dozen floppy-based vendor and general diagnostic tools all on one CD ☞ Desk stretches — what to do when xwrits won’t let you type ☞ xwrits — X program to time, suggest and enforce periodic breaks from typing ☞ Fun things you […]

cat5 color standards

A recent conversation on #unix got me wondering how popular various cat5 colour standards are. Answer the following based on whatever set of standards you prefer — the one your job uses, the one you believe is industry standard, the one you think is the One True Standard even though no-one uses it, and so […]