Monthly Archives February 2004

webcams and daylight cues

One big change with my new desk at work is that I don’t have a direct line of sight to outside anymore. (I can sort of tell if it’s light or dark out via my monitor mirror or the general office lighting, but I miss subtleties that way.) To fix this, I’ve got gkrellm running […]

I bought a guitar!

I bought a guitar! It’s an OLP MM1, which is a licensed entry-level copy of the Ernie Ball Axis made overseas. I’m getting it secondhand (but only barely) from a friend who moved on to a Les Paul Jr. pretty much right away. It’s coming from Texas, so it’ll probably show up towards the beginning […]

Health and fitness

I’ve been sort of sick of being a bit on the heavy side for quite a while now — I went from being tall and scrawny at the end of high school (6’2″, 32″ waist, dunno how much I weighed) to being a bit too solid by the end of university (38″ waist, ~220 lbs). […]

Ikea Presents

Care instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Credit-card numbers

Credit cards, debit cards and the like list their account numbers on the front with the numbers in groups of 3 or 4, because humans have an easier time dealing with numbers in small groups than larger. (Compare phone numbers.) Why, then, does every online store in the world refuse to let you type in […]

New cubicle

I moved desks at work again today, which is the fourth move in two and a half years. With the exception of one move (after the first round of layoffs, which was to a very isolated spot) they’ve all been improvements, though, so I’m not complaining much. This one was to move me out of […]

Bypassing web registration

I found the website which acts as a repository of usernames and passwords for websites that require registration that I talked about earlier, thanks to crankysysadmin who happened to post it to his delicious bookmarks a few moments before I happened to be browsing there. Said website is, and it has a bookmarklet and […]

lazyweb ACTIVATE

I recall once encountering a website which acted as a repository of usernames and passwords for websites that require registration such as newspapers. I can’t seem to find it now. Does anyone remember where it is? I don’t mean majcher’s NYT registration generator, and I’m not looking for any specific website’s username and password, just […]