Monthly Archives January 2004

Mercator probably won’t help

create your own visited country map Kind of boring, really. I need to travel more. I need to see Ireland sometime, and Japan and Australia are pretty high on the list. Iceland and the Scandinavian countries would be pretty neat too. Is it just me, or would this have worked a lot better with a […]


I’m a bit of a language nut — the sort that not only reads usage guides for fun, but contrasts them for fun — and I’ve wanted A Dictionary Of Canadianisms on Historical Principles (Walter Avis et al., eds; Toronto: W.J. Gage, 1967) for some time, but best as I can tell it only made […]

Little chairs!

My tastes in furniture tend toward the capital-M Modern — Eames, Breuer, Saarinen, Le Corbusier, Gray, and so on. (Of course, I can’t afford much to any of that, but still.) Because of this, I always enjoy looking through catalogs from Design Within Reach, a web- and mail-order company which provide the sort of furniture […]


I want to tell you about snow. Specifically, I want to list all of the neat things that go with snow that make me really enjoy this time of year. Full disclosure: It is not snowing here currently. This brings me to the first reason I like snow: there is no escaping winter here, so […]

AOL implements SPF

Just found out from Freeside that his baby, SPF, has been implemented by AOL: $ host -t txt text “v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: -all”