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RSS: I tried. Really.

Talk to me about RSS. Am I the only person that doesn’t find this to be much of a problem-solver? I read a lot of regularly-updated websites, from Slashdot and Metafilter down to some more obscure stuff, and pretty near all of them offer RSS feeds. Instead of having to go site to site, I […]

The One-Question Certification Test for E-Mail Filter Authors. (via Simon Cozens — Simon’s got some handy SpamAssassin recipes for filtering out virus notifications, too.).

Measuring LiveJournal growth

In this Lj_biz car crash discussion, wondered what sort of effect the removal of invite codes had on the rate of account creation at LiveJournal. I did a quick gnuplot chart of the result, which was pretty striking. I decided to do a better chart as a quick project to learn gnuplot a bit better, […]

They’re smarter than we think.

Spammers defeat captcha tests with free porn. (From BoingBoing, via .)

anonymous public email via rss

Dodgeit provides anonymous, unauthenticated (and thus public) mailboxes for you to use for things that ask for email addresses, but which you don’t want to give your own address to, provided that you don’t mind the possibility of the rest of the world reading that message. Just in case something useful arrives back at that […]

This is why you don’t read Orlowski

Andrew Orlowski’s “exclusive” to The Register, Google debuts Friendster-clone Orkut Google will shortly unveil its social networking site, Orkut. [...] Undetered by the feeding frenzy around the social networking bubble, and rebuffed by Friendster Inc, which it attempted to buy, Google has decided to build one better. Orkut FAQ, Why is the site called Orkut? […]

Yep, certainly not Google.

So I recently posted about Orkut, the new Friendster clone that people are attributing to Google, but which I think is just the private project of one Google employee. A couple of people on #unix joined with fake names to take a look around and generally get in the way. (One was Jesus Christ.) To […]


So, you’ve probably heard about Orkut, which has been labeled Google’s Friendster. Since it’s the Reg’s resident conspiracy theorist Andrew Orlowski doing the labeling there, it’s best to take it all with a grain of salt. Orkut appears to be Google-funded only inasmuch as Google allows its employees to work on personal projects for a […]