Monthly Archives October 2003

Stupid software tricks

:) boreale$ cvs update -q cvs [update aborted]: -q or -Q must be specified before “update” Translated: “I know what you’re trying to do, but it’s not the way I want it, so I’m going to make you retype the command.” Not only that, it doesn’t even give you something to cut and paste. Not […]

Interesting blog on Windows design decisions

Raymond Chen’s blog, The Old New Thing, spends an awful lot of time examining the quirks of the Windows API and some of the design decisions that went into some of the odd and obvious things Windows does. I’m not a Windows person at all — I have it installed for Counter-Strike and that’s about […]

Tiger attack!

Someone on IRC linked to this graphic footage of Roy Horn being mauled by the tiger who hospitalized him: Warning, graphic footage!

Bathroom fish!

Our bathroom is getting fishier and fishier. For ages I’ve had a mounted poster of tropical fish on the wall in there, and this weekend Candice and I bought a fish showercurtain, and made a little fishbowl out of a bowl vase and some dried and plastic fishythings:      We’ve been trying really hard to […]

ICANN gets serious about SiteFinder

This letter from the CEO of ICANN to the General Manager of Verisign insists that the latter deactivate their SiteFinder service by 6 PM PDT (GMT-0700) on October 4th. I’m pleased to see that they’ve decided to take positive action on this instead of just hoping, because it seemed pretty clear that Verisign wasn’t going […]