Monthly Archives October 2003


Whee! Candice and I found out on Friday night that Vancouver’s Hot Hot Heat will be playing in Ottawa on December 4th. I’ve wanted to see Hot Hot Heat live as long as I’ve known their music, but they didn’t make it out east that often, and we now have two tickets for their show. […]

Testing email posting: 2 of 3

Trying to figure out why email posting is spotty. Apologies for the testgasm; you’ve got a support volunteer on your friends list :-)

pixy’s color scheme chooser

For the longest time I used the Visibone Webmaster’s Color Lab for the rare times when I had to come up with a color scheme for something webby. (I still do, really; it’s pretty neat.) Reading Kottke‘s remaindered links list the other day, though, I came across Pixy’s color scheme chooser, which instead of only […]

Attn lazyweb:

I want a software blog. I want it to tell me about neat things that I should be running in Linux, primarily, and maybe also about neat things on other platforms. It should definitely be about open-source software. It needs to represent a lot of voices, and not be a column written by one person. […]

New toy!

I brought a teleworker phone — er, excuse me, a Mitel 5220 VoIP set – home from work a while ago to play with, and to use when I work from home. Some networking issues here (mostly involving being too lazy to set up a dhcp server behind the second router) prevented me from getting […]

Hinterland Who’s Who

Canadians who watched TV while growing up in the late 60s through early 80s will appreciate this MetaFilter thread.

Ah, darkness.

The last two rounds of layoffs, plus a subsequent round of cubicle moves, has left my cubicle surrounded on two sides by empty ones, on the third side by a cubicle-hall and cubicle-wall, and on the fourth side by an outside window. Until about five minutes ago, there was a fluorescent light fixture directly above […]


“I’m singing about suicide, insomnia and paranoia,” [Vanessa] Carlton says about the album, which isn’t due until next year. “There’s nothing piano recital-y about it. It’s goth.” OMG IM SO GOTH!! AND WICCAN AND MATURE AND LIKE YOU KNOW GAG ME.