Monthly Archives September 2003

Wake me when we start revolutionizing urban transport

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled all 6000 Segway scooters sold because it has a bad habit of falling over when the batteries get too low. (Minor engineering detail, oops.)

Flat tire

Driving into work this morning I took a shortcut I take every morning (for locals: Corkstown Road from Moodie Road to March Road, instead of the 417). About halfway along the road is a level crossing which isn’t very level; you can usually take most of Corkstown at 120-130 but you want to slow down […]

Internet addiction quiz thingy

Are you Addicted to the Internet? 79% Hardcore Junkie (61% – 80%)While you do get a bit of sleep every night and sometimes leave the house, you spend as much time as you can online. You usually have a browser, chat clients, server consoles, and your email on auto check open at all times. Phone? […]

Internet radio

Now that I’m alone at work, I’m listening to a lot more music. I’ve got a bunch of my CDs ripped to my hard drive, but that’s not always what I want at work, so I often turn to Internet radio. Unfortunately, we don’t have a huge pipe at work. A 56 kbps stream works […]

I needs the shoes.

I want to buy a new pair of Chucks, but I can’t decide which color to buy. Candice has decided that she wants a pair of light blue low-tops, and since we can’t find them locally she’s going to buy them on the intarweb. I figure I might as well buy myself another pair too, […]

New mouse!

Stopped into Future Shop the other day to buy a boring, entry-level optical mouse, since I’m sick of all the ball-cleaning (HLAGHALHGL) and want to join the 20th century with a wheelmouse. For some reason no-one including the salesperson could understand, the MS Intellimouse Explorer Optical was marked down to $30 (regular $70), so I […]

Not laid off.

I still have a job. This is good news, but I’m now the Lone Sysadmin, so I’m still very much in “WTF?!” mode. I’ll post more when everyone involved has heard everything from the source here, because I don’t want anyone getting news from my journal.

It’s quarter-end, and work-related uncertainty is rising fast. You may not hear much from me until it stabilizes in one direction or another later this week, because I will be dropping into maintenance mode where I just sort of do things that are absolutely necessary. Wednesday is probably stabilization day.