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Why Ottawa will never win

Having moved from Montreal to Ottawa I often find myself frustrated at Ottawa’s small-town attitude, conservatism, and generally not being a world-class city. Walking down Elgin Street the other night, Candice and I passed a bar (can’t remember which) with a sign out front that read Live Jazz Tonight 7:30 – 10:30 Let me establish […]

Where is the kaboom? It was supposed to go kaboom!

In with all of the email we’ve been receiving because of the sobig virus and variants was this gem: Date: Thu Aug 21 11:22:53 2003 To: <> From: Subject: Network Associates Webshield – e-mail Content Alert Network Associates WebShield SMTP V4.5 MR1a on mars intercepted a mail from <> which caused the Content Filter […]


Jayo drew my attention to two articles about naked emperors, all encouraged by the announcement of a recent blogging-freakin’-conference. from the Register in typical Reg style, love it or hate it August Pollak who I don’t know but who is particularly quotable Looking around I found a few more amusing and quotable bits: Tom Tomorrow, […]

Announcements of Pix0rz

Pix0r the first: Whee, I have a new icon. See? Pix0r the second: Candice and I took pictures of ourselves this afternoon!

Mitel’s corporate library

It’s a quiet Friday afternoon of a four-day week at the top of August, so it’s pretty quiet at work today. I don’t really have anything to hack on that I can start, work a couple hours, and put away for three days, so I found myself wandering down to the corporate library for the […]

Subliminally yours

I noticed a moment ago that SCO CEO Darl McBride’s to-do list appears to have been accidentally posted to the SCO website. (In case you get the flash monstrosity and can’t see what I’m seeing, I’m talking about this image from their entrance page.)

I can stop buying CDs any time I want, dammit.

Purchased today at HMV’s huge sale: The Sounds — Living In America Talking Heads — Speaking In Tongues Klezmer: A Rough Guide Patsy Cline compilation Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys compilation YOW! Am I ECLECTIC yet? All good CDs, but I need to rave a bit more about The Sounds. This Swedish quintet — […]


Candice has been moving stuff here from her old apartment lately, and one of the things that she’s brought over is her ten gallon aquarium. Unfortunately two of the five fish in it did not survive the move — but this meant that we had to buy more fish! There was plenty of room for […]